Teen Sex, F-Word Profanity, and 4th-5th Grade Reading Levels in High School Textbooks - Confirmed Again

Are these books really REQUIRED?

WHY are these books used as
high school textbooks?? Nonresponse by the current Board of Education

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Grade-Title-Reading Level

9th - Stotan - 5.8
10th - The Bean Trees - 5.6
10 - I Know...Caged Bird Sings - 6.7
10 - Boy's Life - 5.2
11th - All the Pretty Horses - 4.9
11 - The Awakening - 8.5
11 - Black Boy - 7.4
11 - One Flew...Cuckoo's Nest - 6.2
11 - Song of Solomon - 5.0
12th - Animal Dreams - 5.7
12 - Beloved - 6.0
12 - Going After Cacciato - 4.6
12 - Hot Zone - 7.3
12 - Lords of Discipline - 6.6

Two other very low quality textbook choices include:
9 - Bless Me Ultima - 5.4
9 - House On Mango Street - 4.5

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"Profanity is the effort of the feeble mind to express itself."
-- 1950s English teacher

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...is to encourage the public schools to help our children develop a love of reading and gain a rigorous literary education through excellent literature choices.

Sadly, most parents have no idea that deviant sex including bestiality and pedophilia, for example, is included in graded reading assignments in their public schools. Rather, schools HIDE adult content from parents and patrons.

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Who is in charge? Blue Valley Board of Education votes YES to bestiality.
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Sex pushed on kids in public schools is a nationwide problem.

looks at why US children FALL BEHIND 24 other nations in high school education.
What's good for the kids is NOT what's good for the Board of Education
Pornography's Effects on Adults and Children
What can you do?
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Book banning, book burning, censorship -- inflammatory labels used to avoid the real issues.
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Are Your Kids Reading Rot?
Parents are concerned across the U.S...
How did we sink so low so fast?
Do you know what your kids were asked to read during the summer?
(Blue Valley teachers are exposed for CONTINUING to assign unapproved books, some of which contain a great deal of incest.)
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